We sell sublimation Equipment & sublimation consumables & supplies. We also manufacture finished sublimation products to order.

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Screen Printing

We manufacture screen printed logos on gravoply engraving materials especially name badges, Vehicle modification plates some external signage. Customised trophy centres etc

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Heart Presses

The Senko 20A heavy duty Heat press with Auto Release function. Sliding forward table for easy working access working area can take items up to 12mm thick.

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Trophy Centres


We manufacture customised trophy centres 25mm & 50mm. We screen print centres for gold & silver. We also make printed centres in full colour gold (yellow) Silver (grey)

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Plastic Coating


We supply equipment & supplies for two methods of plastic coating. Clear Glaze/UV Curing unit and Hot Epoxy. Plastic coat customised trophy centres or name badges.

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Engraving & Non Sublimation Materials

We also supply white & Black HIPS discs 25 & 50mm with adhesive which can be used to make customised trophy centres.

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